The Gates at Parkside Village


















Kirk Aspegren | Community Association Manager

Sentry Management, Inc.
400 Northridge Road, Suite 1250
Atlanta, GA. 30350
404-459-8951 ext 109
404-459-8962 (fax)

Board of Directors:

President: Belinda Fleming 706-816-1127
Vice President: Dave Goeppner 770-833-8965
Secretary: Don Berry   678-674-6447 

*cell phone contact PLEASE only for emergency issues*

**Please note if you have a non-emergency issue email the board, we will review your requests at our monthly meetings**


Hospitality Committee: Promote a sense of community at The Gates (getting to know our neighbors, welcoming new residents, supporting one another in good times and bad, and planning social activities).
Marilyn Dover, Chair

Grounds Committee: Makes recommendation to the Board about the appearance and maintenance of our common areas.
Kathy Kilgore, 404-402-3100,


Book Club: The book club has evolved into a wonder mix of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. This, along with the book selections provides fodder for very lively but never contentious discussions. Contact Louise Pardue

Bunco: A fun girls’ night out once a month and a great chance to know some of your neighbors. Contact Marilyn Dover